9 Present Day Hollywood Directors With Most Number of Oscars Wins

Thousands of big and small budget films are made each year but only a few get the critical and commercial success.

When a film is being made, the director is the captain of ship. His storytelling skills and how he uses his actors to bring out the best in them decides the fate of a film. There are always a number of filmmakers who are give it their all and create masterpieces. The Academy Awards, also called Oscars, first started back in 1929 and over the years has grown into the most prestigious award ceremony in the world of movies.

Although, an Oscar cannot be the only benchmark of the greatness of a filmmaker but it can function a good point of reference for comparison. Lets look at the 9 Present day directors to have won the most Oscars:

9. Christopher Nolan - 10 Oscars

Christopher Nolan has amazed us time and again with his creative storytelling with movies like Inception, Interstellar and Batman series. It is interesting to note that Nolan is the only director yet to win a “Best Director or a “Best Picture” award although most his films have been super successful on the box office. But his films have won in other categories, such as Inception and Dunkirk who have 4 and 3 Oscars under their name respectively.

8. Damien Chazelle - 10 Oscars