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  • Anukriti Srivastava

How To Create Impactful Promo Videos For Your Brand?


You must have heard of the term promo multiple times, especially in the case of advertisement and film. But have you ever wondered what a promo video is and what it does? This article will answer all these questions in detail, covering topics like what benefits you can reap from impactful promo videos, when to use them and how to create one.

So, let’s dive right into it.


What is a promo video?

A promo or a promotional video is a marketing tool used to promote a product, marketing event, or sale or even your brand. Promo videos are often similar to teaser videos which intend to grab the audience’s attention and compel them to learn more. It is created to introduce or educate potential customers about a particular cause, service, product, or organization. A promo video includes only key points; thus, it is short, precise, and direct and doesn’t last for more than 2 minutes.

Types of Promo video

Promo videos can be created for all types of videos. Here are a few examples-

When to use promo video?

You can use promo videos to introduce your product to your new customers. Also, it is the best marketing tool for those who need to learn about your brand.

Why should you use promo videos?

Promo videos can significantly push potential customers to try out your products or services. Sometimes promotions like discounts and coupons can lead to a rise in sales. Studies suggest that customers like watching promo videos of the brand they follow. It is a creative and effective way to convey information that you want your customers to know. Promo videos grab attention quickly and increase engagement.


What Makes a Good Promo Video?

The promo videos are short, but they need intense creative workouts. You need to take care of certain key elements while creating a promo video. Here are they:

a. Keep it short: Promo video is not about a detailed product or service description. It’s just the introduction of the concept, just like a movie teaser. It must be quick and attention-grabbing and highlight the product or the services. So, ensure to use fast transitions and catchy sounds and titles.

b. Stay focused: Don’t include unnecessary things in the video to make it look appealing. Stay focused on the key elements. If it is about the event, talk about the event; if it is about the product, talk about its benefits, and that’s it.

c. Pick graphics tastefully: Graphics are the major elements of any video, and when it comes to promo videos, you can’t overlook them. Include a visual call to action with catchy titles to grab attention.

d. Create multiple versions: There are a variety of social media platforms where you can market your promo video. So, create multiple video versions so that it doesn’t look repetitive to viewers if they follow you on different platforms. Try coming up with different variations around the same concept to add flavor.

If you are a brand looking forward to make high quality promotional videos for your customers & stakeholders, it is advisable to hire a professional video production company to make those videos for you.

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Step-by-step process-

If you are a brand and are looking forward to making promo videos, it is advisable to hire a video production company to make the videos for you.

Otherwise- here! We have broken down the step-by-step production process for you. So, let’s get deep into each one.

Idea generation: No matter the kind of promo video you want to create, you need to go through a brainstorming session. You need to have a basic concept or an outline of what you want to promote through your video. Is it a product, event, or service? What do you want your audience to know? Etc.

Write a Script: Once you are done with the idea generation and have a basic concept, you can start writing it down as a script. Scripting is the primary step in the creation of any video. You must focus on the keywords and draft your script keeping your concept in mind. Make sure to include key takeaways and CTA. Keep your script short and straightforward. It is advisable not to make it longer than 45 seconds.

Storyboard concept: Promo video will require visual elements, so storyboarding becomes important. Ensure to align the script and graphics creatively so that the video looks impactful. You can use footage from previous events to promote an event.

Produce the video: Depending on what you are promoting, you have to plan your production process accordingly. If your video demands shooting then pre-planning on setup, location and equipment will be needed. For example, to get abstract shots, you will need studio space with a white background where you can display your product properly.

Edit: Once all the production activities are done, it’s time to put them together chronologically. This step is also called the post-production step, where all the editing goes on. Editing is a crucial step that makes all the difference in the outcome. So, ensure to get all the audio and visual elements, especially titles, dates, time, offer, etc., put up properly at the right place, so your viewers don’t miss out. Get all the creative juices flowing while editing the video to make it look appealing.

Promote: Now that your video is ready to be released, it’s time to promote it on various social media platforms to get audience engagement. Depending on the audience, you can put different versions of the promo video on your social media platforms. You can attach it with the weekly newsletter on the email or put it as the ads between YouTube videos. Also, don’t forget to post it on your website and company blog if it is a time-sensitive promotion.


The bottom line:

Promo videos are a way to show the world what you do as a brand. It looks straightforward but getting it right takes work. The right promotion can make a huge difference, so don’t skimp while creating the promo videos. They have a specific purpose and can elevate the brand identity, so striking the right balance is very important. Try to make it engaging and valuable so that people remember it.


Written by Anukriti Srivastava, Content writer at Skyshot Media


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