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How To Make Corporate Videos For Your Company?

Do you run marketing for your corporate organization? Or are you the "Chief Happiness Officer" of your organisation building a great culture at your workplace? In both of these roles, telling genuine, compelling stories to your stakeholders- employees, stakeholder, customers is one of your key jobs, isnt it?

Well, an impactful medium of telling good stories is through video.

Now the question is- how does one make good impact videos?

This article is going to help with with each and every step as well as resources for you to make good corporate videos for your organisation. But before that, let's understand what a corporate video is and why having good videos on your company’s social media channels can change the game for you!

What is a corporate video?

A corporate video is a video that professional organizations use to create their brand awareness. Corporate videos are different from traditional advertising videos as they are made for a specific audience rather than the general public. They are business videos made with a purpose.

It includes promoting new products or services, training, explainer videos, or customer testimonials. They can be aimed at highlighting great work culture at your organization (this can really help your organization attract great talent), or to highlight new company products or initiatives.

Types of corporate videos

Different types of corporate videos are made to facilitate internal and external communication. Here are a few of them-

a. Training Videos

b. Promotional Videos

c. Internal communication videos

d. Conference videos

e. Showcasing the amazing culture at our organization

f. Corporate social responsibility videos

g. Explainer videos

h. Pitching videos

Why You Need a Corporate Video?

We come across thousands of daily videos on social media that communicate some message to us. These videos have the power to affect the psychology of people and compel them to take action. Gone are the days when billboards, newspaper and television advertisements were enough to market your product and service.

Nowadays, people are aware of advertisement scams and look for authentic stories. That's why corporates are looking for ways to create engaging content for their target audience rather than just trying to sell or promote their products and services. People remember and connect with stories rather than data. Videos are one of the best tools to do storytelling.

What does a corporate video do?

a. They are versatile and multi-purpose.

b. They can boost the SEO and increase quality traffic on websites.

c. They build engagement and audience retention on the website.

d. Videos can convey large amounts of information in a short, engaging format.

e. They build brand credibility and trust

f. It helps to connect with people on an emotional level.

Here are a few examples of brilliant corporate videos that will inspire you to create your own, regardless of your business.

a. Coca-Cola- Youtube

b. Microsoft- You tube

c. Apple- You tube

Now you know how important corporate videos are, let's dive into the process. Steps to create a corporate video-

1. Establish The General Purpose of Your Video-

The selling point of the corporate video is its purpose because it will determine how you take other steps. Once you are done with this, everything you do will stem from that purpose. Is it a promotional video, or is it for training purposes etc.?

2. Plan an approach-

The next step is to establish an approach to convey your message. You can use various approaches depending on what impression you want your company to convey. Approaches include- Funny, viral, inspiring, touching etc.

3. Appeal to Consumers' Emotions-

People are social, and they want to connect with the story you are telling them. So, the best way to connect with your target audience is to create a video that evokes genuine emotion. You can create a campaign on social, political or economic issues relevant to your industry and illustrate it with examples.

4. Keep the video short and simple- Follow the KISS rule: Keep it short and simple because less is more. Keep your message simple, and don't overstuff your video with stats, corporate jargon and irrelevant content. Unnecessary repetition should also be avoided until it is done tastefully because proper repetition can enhance memorability.

Your message should start with what you want to convey and end with what you want your audience to retain. Keep in mind- quality over quantity. So don't try to make a long video; instead, aim to deliver more in less time. These days short-form content is trending, so a 2-3minute video shall be enough.

Here are a few tips which you can use while writing a script-

a. Use simple conversational language.

b. Cut down the redundant words

c. Avoid unnecessary repetition.

d. Include only relevant and fresh content

5. Make an Intuitive Combination of Audio and Visual Elements- Videos combine audio and visual elements, i.e., appeal to the eye and ear. So, the right combination of both elements is important. A perfect blend of audio and visuals will make the video worth watching. Here are a few things you can consider while selecting audio and visual elements-

a. Use the right kind of music to create an emotional connection with the audience.

b. Use footage and images that are genuine and add credibility to your video.

c. If you are planning to shoot the video, then make sure to choose an appropriate location and proper lighting.

d. Use high-quality professional microphones to record the audio.

e. Use a high-quality camera to capture the subject.

f. Choose an appropriate color scheme and background imagery that matches your corporate theme.

6. Have an Intriguing Introduction and Conclusion- More than 30% of the viewers press the cancel button within the first 10 seconds of the video if it doesn't appeal to them. Therefore, you need to create a hook within the first 10 seconds to retain their attention until the end. Try to make your introduction entertaining and attention-grabbing.

The conclusion is equally important as the introduction. It should include a summary of the whole idea presented in the video and a call to action. Call to action means what you want your viewers to do after watching the video. Make sure to make it creative and exciting. 7. Distribute Your Video Appropriately-

If you make the video for external communication, use the right platform to distribute it to reach as many people as possible. Here are a few things you can do to promote your video-

a. You can start with free video-sharing platforms like YouTube.

b. Use social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote it.

c. Post it on your official website because websites with videos often rank higher in search engines.

d. You can insert the link to the video in your email newsletters.

8. Engaging Ideas to create corporate videos- If you are confused about what kind of videos your business needs and are short of ideas, then pause. Here is a list of engaging corporate video ideas to help you-

a. Company culture videos

b. Sales presentation videos

c. The office tour video

d. The company, product, and service overview videos

e. Case study videos

f. Social media videos

g. Livestream videos

h. Podcast videos

Conclusion Corporate videos are the best way to communicate with your audience, which is evolving rapidly. I cannot emphasize enough how important a professional corporate video is to your business.

A perfect blend of audio and visual elements can impact your business massively. All the above tips were put together to assist you in creating the perfect corporate video. Now that you know everything, what are you waiting for? Start brainstorming and get into production.


Written by Anukriti Srivastava, Content writer @ Skyshot Media



Thanks for some tips to help make a corporate video for my small company. You gave the example of such companies as Coca Cola, YouTube, most likely they have real professionals working for them. I think they use great software to create and edit videos. I asked some of my friends who work with video editing what editor to use, and many suggested I go to and take a closer look at their product.

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