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  • Anukriti Srivastava

4 Types Of Videos That Can Boost Healthy Conversations At Workplace

Corporate videos have a fixed target audience (employees) and are intended for a specific set of people, which makes them different from ordinary videos. Corporate videos include everything from culture videos to employee training videos. Importantly, having impactful videos for internal communication can boost healthy conversations at your workplace, eventually helping your organization become a great place to work.

So, take a look to figure out which one suits your needs.

Video shooting

Types of corporate videos

Different types of corporate videos are made to facilitate internal communication. Here are a few of them-

1. Internal communication videos: Irrespective of the scale and size of your organisation, good communication is essential to build a culture of openness. The idea shall be to educate, inform, engage employees fostering good communication practices.

Here are a few examples of internal communication videos:

2. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) videos: Documenting your CSR efforts and knitting them in a video story can be a great way to improve organizational culture where the employees feel good about the organization (and themselves). Plus, sharing good work done with clients and other stakeholders also boosts conversations as well as build credibility. Here are a few examples of some impactful Corporate social responsibility videos we have shortlisted for you:

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3. Company Culture Videos: The success of a company hugely depends on its culture. And videos can be a great way to not just showcase genuine company culture but also celebrate it. Culture videos can be a great exercise to imbibe a good feeling among the existing employees as well as attract new ones. Company culture videos highlight your values, mission, ethics and the working environment of your organisation.

Here are a few examples of some awesome company culture Videos:

4. Infrastructure & amenities videos: Infrastructure and amenities, as the word indicates, cover everything that your company provides to ease the working life of your employees. Thus, creating a video which showcases all these amenities will attract potential candidates towards the organisation. It can include a fun tour of the office or workplace, industry where manufacturing is done etc. Here are a few examples of Infrastructure and amenities videos:


Videos can be an exceptional way to engage with the employees and create impact. There are many videos you can create among the list mentioned above; all you need are strategies and figure out which can increase your brand awareness and build an exceptional internal communication.

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Written by: Anukriti Srivastava

Content Writer @Skyshot Media


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