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  • Anukriti Srivastava

Planning To Create Training Videos For Your Employees? Here Is Your Step By Step Guide

Videos have become the most effective and popular way to deliver and consume information. From Facebook to YouTube, all the social media platforms encourage people to watch and share video content, and people are looking for videos to learn things.

According to research, 87% of users use YouTube for their learning needs. So, undoubtedly video is important. In the corporate world, video is becoming one of the most preferred ways of learning. The increase in videos as a learning source has compelled learning and development managers worldwide to use training videos to train their employees.

Training video
Image by Julia M Cameron from Pexels modified by Anukriti S.

But that doesn't mean you can make a video and expect employees to watch and learn from it. The training videos should be paired with research-backed learning principles to impart better learning.

If you haven't figured out how to leverage the power of video tools for learning purposes, then it's high time to get on board. We have curated this article as a comprehensive guide to help you create compelling training videos for your employees with examples.

What are training videos?

Training videos are made to train employees in a particular skill or impart knowledge on a specific topic that will make them more efficient at work and solve their problems. It serves as internal communication between employees. The subject of training videos can range from software tutorials to complex policy updates, employee onboarding processes to how-to tutorials.

It comes under corporate training video created to train employees about a particular software that will make them efficient at work. The targeted audience of this kind of video is the employees working for the organization.

Why invest in training videos?

In this era of reels, people have a short attention span, and thus it would be unrealistic to expect that they will read long-text-based documents. Employees expect the training to be short, easy-to-learn format so they can consume it conveniently. Thus, videos are the best way to provide training content, most interestingly. Here are a few benefits of investing in training videos-

  1. Get traffic to your website

  2. Enhance Google search results

  3. Reduce the burden on your tech team

  4. Grow your business