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  • Anukriti Srivastava

Our Recommendation For Best Lapel Mics In The Market Today

Are you a voiceover artist or a podcaster? If yes, I am sure you would know the importance of a good microphone.

Have you ever wondered how interviewers get such crisp and clear audio from their subjects? They use lavalier microphones, which are easy to handle and can be tucked discreetly on the speaker's lapel.

Best lapel mics in the market today
Collar Lapel Mike

There are a variety of microphones available, from podcast mics to lapel mics. Thus, finding the right one can be daunting for someone who doesn't know much about mics.

Lapel mics are the most common and easy to operate. So, if you are looking for a lavalier microphone, your search ends here. We have curated a list of the best lapel mics available today.

What are lapel mics?

Lavalier microphones are one of the most common and best options for stage production and film audio, as they allow you to record voice without a visible microphone. They are also called lapel microphones, body, clip, neck, collar, personal, or Lav. You might find it with different names in the market.

It can be easily clipped onto the subject's body, usually on their lapel or collar, and is used during video interviews. They are small and offer high-quality audio while remaining inconspicuous. They capture sound clearly without picking up the background noise, and the hands-free nature of the lapel mic makes it comfortable to use. They come in wired and wireless options.

So, let's explore various options.

Before we go ahead, we have a special mention for a mic for Beginners:

If you are looking for a lapel microphone that won't make a hole in your pocket, then I have a recommendation for you- Check out Boya M1 microphone on Amazon. I have been using it for the past 3 years and this mic is awesome for its price. Boya M1 microphone is ideal for shooting social media using a smartphone.

Wired lavalier microphone:

Once you are well-versed with the cheap microphone and are comfortable using it, now is the time to invest in some good-quality wired microphones. Here are three recommendations for you that you can check out.

The wired lavalier microphone is a plug-and-play kind of lavalier microphone that includes a button battery, audio adapter cable, and foam windscreen. They can be easily connected to phones, computers, mobiles, and laptops with different audio cables. A wired lapel mic is perfect for daily use and mostly used for non-professional purposes such as online teaching, interviews, and broadcasting. The only drawback with wired mics is that they have a restricted range due to wire connection and can be used in small-scale movement, and it suits beginners because of their lower sensitivity.

Here are a few recommendations for a wired lapel microphone-

Wireless lavalier microphone:

Wireless lapel mics are more popular and frequently used by video bloggers and professionals. They are categorized into two types-UHF wireless lavalier microphones and 2.4GHz wireless system lavalier microphones.

UHF wireless system with lavalier microphone is the primary wireless lapel microphone today. It consists of an audio adapter cable, battery, transmitter (mic), lavalier microphone, camera cold-shoe, receiver, and foam windscreen. The transceiver of these microphones adopts UHF (470MHz-806MHz) wireless transmission technology, and the advantage is audio transmission stability. It works with computers, video cameras, DSLRs, and other recording devices used in program recording, interviews, and filmmaking.

The 2.4GHz wireless lapel microphone system has gained popularity in recent years. It uses 2.4G digital sampling frequency band signals to realize the wireless transmission of vocals. It includes a receiver, transmitters, lapel microphone, foam windscreen, and a lithium battery. 2.4GHz wireless microphones are compatible with DSLR and mobile, perfect for vlogging. It has advanced international 2.4GHz wireless digital frequency band transmission technology; thus, it has a stable signal, strong anti-interference abilities, compact appearance, and long receiving distance.

Here are a few recommendations for wireless lapel microphones-


I hope you have an idea about lapel microphones and the top options available in the market by now. Whether you are looking for podcast recording, voiceovers or recording sound for documentary projects, a lapel microphone always comes in handy.

There are various options available in lapel microphones apart from the list mentioned above, and we have tried listing the best among the available options. However, you can pick according to your requirement, budget and choice.


Written by Anukriti Srivastava

Writer @ Skyshot Media


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