Top 7 Bollywood Art Films OF All Time

Art films have ruled cinemas for years. Highlighting social and proprietary topics, art films base an entire universe around the concept, creating a creative world around our own. Spanning decades of research based on personal experiences, these movies have brought to critical acclaim the ideas and ways of life that were forgotten, lighting up stories of heroes who did not fall in the generic classes. Art films also succeed because of their amazing casts, most of who have proven their mettle by being an alumnus of the National School of Drama. And on that note, we will be making our picks for some of Bollywood’s finest Art films released to date.

1. Mirch Masala (1987)

Mirch Masala

Truly a classic, the movie revolves around the tax collectors appointed by the British during the colonial rule in India who would always go from village to village to demand taxes and alongside ask for more. When Subedar (played by Nasiruddin Shah) asks Sonabai (Smita Patil) to sleep with him, she slaps him and runs away to hide in a chilli powder making factory where she meets other women who decide to put an end to the rape culture. The concept of women coming together to fight one devil on shared traumatic experiences was the crux of why this movie made it into this list. However, the performances put up by all the leading ladies was simply beyond commendable. With their independence and Smita Patil's character having had enough, and the rage felt by the women can be felt by the audiences too. The setting is the most generic classic setting of a movie about India under colonialism, but the angles of societal patriarchy and the spineless men of the village alongside the school's teacher who was an icon, the movie won the hearts of every critical consensus.

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2. Manthan (1976)

With a star-studded cast and direction crew, Manthan was set against the backdrop of the White Revolution in India where a businessman arrives in a city to list up the local residents by starting a milk factory. The movie is actually crowdfunded, and it revolves around the concept of doing good for the sake of a bigger humanity than yourself. But that is not all, the reason why this mo