7 Oscar Winning Animation Movies Of The Decade

As a kid you must’ve been able to connect with animated films and cartoons better as compared to now, that’s because you became the typical conventional adult and shut your mind toward something new. Children are not set in any ways, they are open to new things and perceptions, which is why they are able to accept these characters to a much more deeper level. 

Although in the present day animated films, the scenario has completely taken a new turn! Be it a kid or an adult, we all are so deeply attached to these movies. Is it because of the beautiful unique stories? Or the powerful visuals? Or maybe because you find it too damn cute! Well, the list goes on. 

So here we are today, with the last 7 Academy award winners of Animated Cinema. Go ahead, what’s is stopping you from  beginning the binge?! 

1. Frozen (2013)

IMDB: 7.4

Available on: Disney Hotstar

A beautiful musical drama that is surely going to leave to awestruck. Based on the story of two sisters and how Anna sets her journey to find her sister Elsa who’s gifted with the superpower to turn things into ice! Definitely one of the most heartwarming animated films series ever!

2. Big hero 6 (2014)

IMDB: 7.8

Available on: Disney Hotstar

Big hero 6 has proven to be a must watch anime movie, with its brilliant visuals and well written characters! An exceptional narrative based on story of Hiro a superhero robot. A cute funny film that’ll touch your heart!