5 Amazing Photo Editing Apps to Up Your Instagram Game

Updated: Jul 25

What makes a good photograph? Is it a good camera? Technical know-how? An eye for composition? How do you emulate the photographs of the old masters like Henri Cartier-Bresson, or Imogen Cunningham?

There are so many little details that go into an image or photograph that really elevate it. Technology’s come a long way since photography began, so even though fancy equipment was required in 'ye olde' days, those effects and adjustments are available today to anyone with a smartphone. There’s a lot that goes into constructing a good photograph, which you can read about here if you’re into that kind of thing, but our topic for today is how you can create those effects even if you don’t quite know what you’re doing yet. Whatever kind of photo you’re working with, these apps have your back.


Developer - Google LLC

Snapseed is on this list because it’s a professional level tool available for free. While it may have features in common with other photo editing apps, the quality it provides is above most other free options available. If you want that crisp editorial feel, Snapseed is the way to go.

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