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Top 8 Indian Web Series Of 2020

OTT has taken the world by storm, with platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video owning the world of internet entertainment as we know it. These platforms make complete use of the lack of critical stronghold and bring to our tables stories that normal cable TV shows and cinema halls would not, an impressive feat as more and more stories have started rerouting around the decay of humanity along with lighthearted yet relatable comedies. Hence, without any further ado, let's pick our best OTT web series of 2020.

1. Scam 1992 Where to watch- Sony Liv IMDB Rating- 9.0

Set-in real-time events surrounding the biggest stock market scam in the history of Independent India was the Harshad Mehta Scam of 1992, the very story Scam 1992 is based on. The brilliance lies in the performances of every cast member, alongside the direction to the finest nooks of the real time story. Critics may have found a couple of differences here and there in the chain of events, but the series does not progress anything too different from the actual happenings.

2. Special Operations Where to watch- Disney + / hotstar IMDB Rating- 8.5

Special Ops is about a group of Indian agents tracking down an international terrorist, a genre Neeraj Pandey has made his own. Critics believe the series was unable to deliver, yet the huge fan-following would gladly disagree. The series drowns in terrorism, corruption and human greed and its intermingling waves with politics. The entire show revolves around the team and the terrorist playing a game of cat-and-mouse, both getting way too close for comfort one too many times.

3. Paatal Lok

Where to watch- Amazon Prime Video IMDB Rating- 7.8

One of the best thrillers of 2020, Paatal Lok delivers, and does it get dark in that pursuit. A cop lands the case of four suspects in the death of a journalist, but things get really ugly when he digs deeper into the lives of these four suspects. He gets caught up into the workings of the underworld, where this series gets its name “Paatal Lok”.

4. Bandish Bandits Where to watch- APV

IMDB Rating- 8.6

A musical taste is refreshing, and Bandish Bandits does just that. A plain old love story with a small-town boy who is heavily into Indian classical music as a family heritage and a big city girl who is a popstar, the road is not easy. Music is for everyone, but when genres clash and the concepts of good and bad begin to color the canvas of the art that is music, who will be victorious in the end?

5. Panchayat Where to watch - APV IMDB Rating- 8.7

Panchayat is a light hearted comedy with many feels. Warm and homecoming, Panchayat is about Abhishek failing to find a job in the city despite his engineering degree and deciding to join as a secretary in a remote Uttar Pradesh village. No spoilers, but this drama weaves through plenty of small feelings we tend to remove our focus from, hitting all the right notes and feelings with its fluffy ending.

6. Asur Where to watch - Voot IMDB Rating- 8.4

One of the most off-beat twists on crime thrillers ever made in India, Asur pits the world of the normal against a serial killer with motives hidden behind his deep fascination of the Indian ancient mythologies. CBI agents battle to breakdown the happenings and mental plots of the serial killer to reach him, but like always it is never that easy.

7. Aarya Where to watch- hotstar/ Disney + Ratings- 7.9

Based on the Dutch series Penoza, this show marks the comeback of Sushmita Sen in acting. Aarya deals with our protagonist named Aarya battling to find herself in the turmoil of becoming what she has always despised. She turns towards the world of the mafia, finding herself in a peculiar situation where she has no choice but to choose a difficult oath to protect those she loves, while being betrayed by others she believed loved her. In this game of lies, who will emerge victorious?

8. Mirzapur 2

Where to watch- Amazon Prime

Ratings- 8.4

Set in the lawless city of Mirzapur, the series revolves around the workings of the mafia and human greed for power and ambitions to positions of power. Each side has its ambitions, and both will stop at nothing to get their goals, which is where the lawless city gets painted in red by the hands of men who never look back. The second installment brought utter joy to the fanbase who now anticipate another.

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Anushka Chandra, Content Writer, Skyshot Media


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