The Story Of 9 Popular Dance Genres

We all love to dance - whether it be professionally, in a class, at a party, or just letting loose at home. However, dance is so much more than that! It's an art form, a culture, a story, and a statement. So today, we bring you a little about 9 popular dance forms.

1. Ballet

One of the most graceful and elegant dance forms, ballet is a dance form that originated during the Renaissance in Italy in the fifteenth century, and subsequently in France and Russia as a concert dance. It has since spread around the world, and its techniques have been greatly influential in other dance forms as well. Ballet has several styles encompassed within it, including classical ballet, romantic ballet, and contemporary ballet. When we think of ballet today, it is generally of classical ballet, which involves flowing movements, balance, and an otherworldly beauty and feel to it.

The art form usually involves a stage performance making extensive use of costumes, scenic lighting and props, and is often used to tell a story or express an emotion or thought. 

Although it may look soft and graceful - don’t be fooled! Ballet dancers go through rigorous training that lasts several exhausting hours a day, and maintain strict exercise regimens as well.

If you’d like to learn ballet in India – you can! Several institutes exist around the country, including the National Ballet Academy and Imperial Fernando Ballet Company.

Popular Ballet Artist: Mikhail Baryshnikov

Check out a beautiful ballet performance HERE