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  • Anukriti Srivastava

5 Quick Tips To Make Your Training Videos Binge-Worthy


Training videos are great for imparting knowledge or upskilling employees, and they are also great for other internal communication types, including the onboarding process, software training, etc. Training videos are the most engaging content format; if accompanied by subtitles and transcription, they can be effective. You can optimize your company's training doc into training videos for better results.

Training videos can be created in a variety of ways. However, a few things are essential for all and can make it worth watching.

Image by Julia Avamotive from pexels modified by Anukriti S.

Here are a few tips to make your training videos worth watching:

1. Length of the video: People's attention span is depreciating rapidly, and thus content creators are focusing on creating short-form content. However, training videos tend to be long but try to keep the length within 3-5 minutes for it to be effective.

2. Audio is important: Audios are mostly underrated. But they can make a huge difference if used properly. Audios create a connection between the viewer and the video. So, use clear, noise-free audio recordings for the best video experience.

3. Back up videos with training materials: Training videos backed with study materials make the learning experience long-lasting. You can create PDFs, short notes, and workbooks and attach them with the video for the learners.

4. Include captions: Include captions to your training videos for better understanding. Sometimes people cannot interpret the said words, and thus captions come to their rescue. It ensures smooth learning.

5. Frequent scene change: Training videos can be boring; thus, to make them engaging for your learners, change the scenes frequently. Instead of a continuous 5-minute headshot, mix it up with visuals and graphics. You can also insert animation to explain graphs.

Here are a few examples of training videos:

Video shooting
Image by Bruno Massao from pexels modified by Anukriti S.

You can read this article to learn to create a compelling training video.

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A compelling training video can boost internal communication to a greater extent and can upskill your employees and make them productive and more efficient at work.


Written by: Anukriti Srivastava

Content Writer @Sky Shot Media


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