Puja Bhakoo – Creating Art, Transforming Lives

Puja Bhakoo was born in Saharanpur (U.P.), India.

A senior advertising professional, creative writer, blogger, poet, and tapestry artist, Puja experimented with several mediums for creative expression.

After enjoying a fulfilling career as a senior advertising professional for over two decades, Puja decided to devote more time to pursuing her auxiliary interests including helping under-privileged children.

Turning her passion for tapestry-making into a business to fund her initiative: Tapestry-For-Charity, Puja reinvented the art of Needle Point embroidery by lending this European art form a unique indo-ethnic dimension.

Drawing inspiration from the rich and myriad cultures of India, Puja creates handmade tapestries that combine the aesthetics entrenched in Indian traditions with the intricacies of Petit Point/needlepoint embroidery. It takes Puja 6 to 9 months to finish one masterpiece.

Puja Bhakoo now holds solo exhibitions of her tapestries and thread paintings which enjoy a global clientele and are showcased in some of India’s leading home furnishing stores.

Read on to know more about her extraordinary journey.

1. Take us through your journey into the professional arts space. Also, give us some highlights of your 35 year-long illustrious career- your biggest challenges and some key successes.

I am a small-town girl from Saharanpur in U.P. As a teenager, I loved sticking my finger into every creative pie: embroidery, crochet, macramé, carpet-weaving, singing, painting, playing the piano & guitar.

I started my career by converting my passion for embroidery into a cottage industry named PJ Crafts, where we supplied handmade childrenswear to leading brands in Delhi. Simultaneously, I also ventured into advertising and communication. The advertising business expanded so rapidly that I was forced to relegate PJ crafts to the status of a hobby, albeit one that I pursued with passion and commitment.