9 Popular Music Genres

Updated: Jan 10

We all love music - whether it calms us down, excites us, helps us express ourselves, or is simply a great way to pass the time. It's a key part of our lives, and a great way to meet and bond with new people. But do we know music? Do we understand its history or context? Doubtful. Understanding the background behind a music style can help enhance the experience of listening to it multiple times over, so today, we’ve compiled for you 9 popular genres of music, and a little about them for you to know the music you love better!

1. EDM

EDM, or Electronic Dance Music, is the music made predominantly for nightclubs and raves. It’s a continually growing genre in recent times, with artists like David Guetta and Calvin Harris who quickly rose in popularity. It’s an umbrella under which styles like house music, techno, and dubstep coming under it. EDM began as an underground phenomenon in the 1980s which the rise of ‘raving’, and with the rise of club culture, became extremely popular in Europe. 

It’s usually produced in a recording studio and requires extensive equipment - samplers, synthesizers, MIDI controllers, etc.

You can check out some popular music of the genre below:

  1. Titanium - David Guetta

  2. Summer - Calvin Harris