7 Things You Did Not Know About Priyanka Chopra

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Today, former Miss World, one of the most influential Bollywood figures, and one of the few Indian actresses to break into Hollywood turns 38. For several years, she’s been a role model to millions of people, and an inspiration to young women and girls around the world.

We know her primarily as an actress but there’s far more to her than that - philanthropy, writing, activism are words not as commonly associated with her but vital aspects of who she is.

So, on her birthday, we bring you some facts about the influential actress that you may not have known.

1. Priyanka promotes emerging talent with her own production company

After spending several years working in and understanding the industry, and becoming a prominent figure in it, Priyanka started her own production company, Purple Pebble Pictures with her mother in 2015. Located in Mumbai, the company works with emerging talents in the advertisement industry, television, as well as film industry, working especially with regional films. Her company has produced several great films, including Ventilator, a Marathi film which went on to win three awards at the 64th National Film Awards.

In addition to starting her own company, she’s invested in several as well, one of her primary investments being in the dating app Bumble. She also invested in and joined the Board of Trustees at Holberton School - a tech school - to promote gender diversity in the tech industry.


Priyanka Chopra Purple Pebble