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  • Anushka Chandra

7 Things We Learned From PK

PK was a work of art, and no matter how much someone would like to bash the movie, majority votes always point towards the absolutely realistic portrayal of situations in India. One little alien lands on our planet, hoping to gain knowledge that he can take back to his gola (planet), but first hand witnesses the greed and selfish ways of life. He comes to understand the religious patterns of life and the self-proclaimed Godmen, and teaches us more than what we as inhabitants of this planet know about ourselves. In memory of the wonderful film, we rounded about the 7 things we learnt from PK. Beware, major spoilers ahead for those who haven’t watched the movie.

1. We must give each other Hope This is something that struck me the hardest during the entire scale of the movie. The reason for their existence as justified by the Godmen was that hope did not exist in humanity, and they existed to provide that hope. Would we really need fraud Godmen to give us hope, if we all existed together as a community to hold on and give each other the hope to hold on too? Pretty idealistic, but it’s a thought to think about.

2. Money really does buy everything

In a world of poorly paid government officials, what works? Bribery. Utterly immoral of a thought and concept, but it managed to get Jaggu into the prison cells to talk to PK about his life story for her news article.

3. Religion is really all about clothes The most iconic scene of the movie, this idea set in stone that if you don’t know someone’s name and their religion, you second-guess their identity through their clothes or their physical attributes. PK showcases in front of an entire crowd of people that you would never be able to tell if a man was Christian or Hindu if they did not wear a cross or an ‘Om’ pendant around their necks! Up until a person opened their mouth, you would never be able to differentiate if they did not wear any physical accessories of their religion on them.