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  • Ananya Singh

7 Must Watch South Korean Movies

Are you also a huge Parasite fan? Were you also intrigued to see the movie because you kept on witnessing people hyping up about Bong Joon-Ho and his awards all the time? Guess what, you’re not the only one! 

From the golden era in the mid 20th century,  Korean Films have been one of a kind. Their unique stories so beautifully delivered, made each one of them stand out. In the recent years, the industry has experienced a massive upturn, it received a wide recognition overall after the release of films like Parasite and Oldboy. 

Therefore, we are here to reveal some mind blowing pieces of art to you today! Experience a whole another world of magnificent Korean films that you simply cannot afford to miss out on:


IMDb-  8.6 

Released in - 2019 

Watch on Amazon Prime Video 

Nothing short of a masterpiece, Parasite turned to be a game changer for the Korean Film Industry. It’s a story of two contrasting families, where the creator beautifully portrayed the intricacies of human behavior, the social inequalities and human relationships.

2. Oldboy IMDb-  8.4 

Released in - 2003 

Watch on YouTube 

A man kidnapped for 15 years is set free only for him to go out and discover who actually was his kidnapper. From here the story takes another  turn and an unpleasant destiny awaits for him. Oldboy proves it’s eminence in the Film Industry by the fantastic portrayal of raw and realistic emotions, which is exactly what the movie demands. 

3. Train to Busan

IMDb-  7.6 

Released in - 2016 

Watch on YouTube 

Train to Busan is one of the brilliant works of Korean film Industry. A spine-tingling movie that’ll hold you captivated. The movie is based on an interesting narrative of a Father and his daughter who encounter a zombie breakout on their train journey. One of the best screenplays and direction, the movie has proven to be best in its own offbeat way. 

4. The handmaiden IMDb-  8.1 

Released in - 2016 

Watch on Netflix 

This film strongly reflects a highly intelligent writing, The Handmaiden is based on a deep understanding of human sexual behaviour. It’s a thriller love story involving intense emotions of hostility and strong sexual violence. Depicting a deep thesis of human behaviour and the unprocessed and unrestrained feelings, this movie will definitely make into your list of favourites. 

5. My Sassy Girl IMDb-  8.0 

Released in –2001

Watch on Google Movies

My Sassy Girl is constructed on the story of a young boy who falls in love with a bold, cheeky and a self obsessed woman. His girlfriend never leaves a chance to disrespect his boyfriend, but the question is how long can her lover bare with her sassiness. A complete package of fun and entertainment. Definitely one of the the must watch romantic comedies of all time! 

6. Burning 

IMDb- 7.5

Released in-  2018 

Watch on YouTube 

Yet another one of the most creatively written and directed films ever made, Burning is a mind blowing thriller film. The narrative is build on a young delivery boy, who’s asked to babysit a cat by his friend. The mysteries gradually begin to unfold after she returns with another man. 

7. Poetry  IMDb- 7.8 

Released in – 2010

Watch on YouTube 

Poetry is a heartwarming and a moving film, based on the story of an aged woman Mija who learns  that she is an Alzheimers patient while dealing with a vicious crime. The story is a ride through various unsettling and provocative emotions. Poetry is nothing but a remarkable experience overall.

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