7 Must Watch South Korean Dramas On Netflix

South Korean music, culture and shows have taken the world by storm, and after Parasite’s show-stopping win at the Academy Awards, one cannot help but feel the pull towards this glittering entertainment industry nestled in the budding economies of South Korea. 

Korean shows or dramas have been drawn out in artistic ways to capture your attention and leave you demanding for more. And if you are anything like the typical Netflix binger, you’d be happy to know that this list compiles 7 of the all-time best Korean dramas that you absolutely need to watch. While possibly ignoring your assignments, but that’s okay.

1. My Mister IMDb ratings- 9.1/10 Released In – March 2018 Episodes- 16

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My Mister

Starting this list with the versatile and multi-talented IU, ‘My Mister’ or ‘My Ahjussi’ is quite figuratively a story about three men in their 30s and a woman, and how these four learn to bare the odds of realities and rely on each other to grow as humans. Devoid of any love angle, the drama solely focuses on the struggles of the daily working class.

2. Search. WWW IMDb Ratings- 7.9/10 Released In- June 2019 Episodes- 16