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  • Ananya Singh

7 Must Watch Pakistani Films

In the world of films, Pakistani Cinema has truly made its mark. So here are 7 unmissable buried treasures of Cinema that’ll take your breath away! 

Shah  IMDb - 8.5 

Release date - 2015

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Hands down one of the best biographical sports dramas, Shah is based on the life story of Hussain Shah, a renowned Pakistani Boxer. Narrating a beautiful soul-stirring tale from his days on the streets to becoming the only Olympic medalist in 1988. The film surely reawakens the feeling of pride and nationalism within the audience. 

Manto IMDb- 8.5

Release date - 2015 

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The film is constructed on a true story based on the life of Sadat Hassan Manto, a widely known Pakistani writer. Manto is an extremely well written biographical film, with excellent direction and mind-blowing acting by Sarmad Khoosat.  

A beautiful narrative of an artist who passionately followed the path of his dreams.  An absolute piece of art, which was later also made in the Hindi Film Industry in the year 2018. 

Khuda Kay Liye IMDb- 8.4 Release date – 2007 

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A beautiful creation by Shoaib Mansoor, Khuda Kay Liye is a fantastic thriller drama. The movie revolves around the story of two very talented musicians from Lahore whose personal life and careers face massive devastation after the catastrophic attack of 9/11.  The story very softly depicts the harsh truth of the existing Islamophobia, how innocence is ignored just because of a mere label. 

It is truly a worthwhile watch! 

Maalik  IMDb-  8.3  Release date – 2016 

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A brilliant action movie that comprises of various comprehensive themes. Maalik turned out to be a highly controversial film in Pakistan, as it involved the long-standing reality of the nation’s federal system. It throws light on the tyranny of these so-called governors and their dirty corrupt practices. An honest narrative with a positive approach, that is definitely going to become one of your favourites.  

Bol  IMDb- 8.2  Release date – 2011  Watch on Voot

Bol was a massive hit, definitely one of the best Pakistani films ever made. A drama constructed on a noteworthy social subject. It unfolds the story of a patriarchic driven family where the son is cast aside for being a transgender, his father refuses to consider him an equal along with his daughters. Bol was quite ahead its time in saying what is unsaid. It was an inculcation of bold themes that hold much relevance to date. 

Waar  IMDb- 7.9 

Release date – 2013 

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Yet another marvelous action drama, Waar is built on the account of those heroes who put their lives in jeopardy in order to protect the civilians of the country.  This movie is an eye-opener for the common man. Filming the pain and difficulty subjected to these fearless soldiers, and how even after facing such agony, the mission throughout their life remains the same.  

O21  IMDb-  7.9 Release date – 2014 

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A brilliant intriguing narrative based on two bold men who have a huge responsibility on their shoulders which is to win the war between Pakistan and Afghanistan in 21 hours. Magnificent direction and outstanding screenplay make this film unmatchable! It’s a mind-blowing thriller that’ll hold you spellbound throughout. 

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