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  • Ananya Singh

7 Must Watch Malayalam Movies

We're all familiar with some good Bollywood films, and while we can't deny those are great, there are some amazing Malayalam films that every movie buff should watch- even if you dont know the language.

Today, we bring to you some must watch Malayalam movies to watch!

1. Sudani from Nigeria 

IMDB- 8.2

Release Date-23rd March 2018.  Watch on Netflix.

Sudani from Nigeria is a beautiful narrative that revolves around Majeed, and Samuel. Majeed, a football manager, who engaged three Nigerian players in his team. Samuel, one of the players, when caught with an injury is brought at Majeed’s house to be looked after. The circumstances lead for them to connect with each other’s life and experiences, regardless of their cultural differences.

2. Ustad Hotel

IMDB- 8.3

Release Date- 29th June 2012 

Watch on Youtube

Watch the YT Hindi dubbed version HERE

Ustad Hotel is a dramatic tale of a small town boy who aspired to become a Chef someday. Even though very strongly opposed by his father, he studies in Switzerland and comes back to his hometown in India to fulfill his childhood dream. He puts his soul while working with his grandfather  at his restaurant, but there comes a sudden twist in the story which makes this film one of  a kind. Overall, a wonderful experience altogether! 

3. Drishyam


Release date – 19th December 2013 

Watch on Youtube

Watch the YT Hindi dubbed version HERE

Drishyam is a crime drama thriller that will hold you spellbound. It’s one of the few good suspense thrillers that you will ever watch. The story is based on a guy named Georgekutty and how he saves his family after performing a fortuitous crime. Drishyam is the first Indian film to have a Chinese remake as Sheep without a Shephard (2019). A well written and cleverly directed film, that’ll definitely leave you stunned. 

4. Premam

IMDb- 8.3

Release Date – 29th May 2015 

Watch on Disney Hotstar

Premam is the kind of film that everyone will definitely have a good time watching. It’s a heartfelt ride through George David’s innocent love story, from when he gets disheartened by love to when he reawakens by it. The story is a mix of drama, comedy and romance, so a little bit of everything keeps us entertained all throughout. Go ahead and watch it, you will  not regret this! 

5. Angamaly Diaries 

IMDb - 8.0

Release Date – 3rd March 2017 

Watch on Youtube

Watch the YT Hindi dubbed version HERE

An excellent film with legendary direction! Angamaly Diaries is an Action thriller build on the story of Vincent Pepe, an exuberant young man, who engages himself in the world of crime after an unfortunate discourse in business. The movie is  realistically filmed, captivating all throughout and ends with a bedazzling climax! To tell the truth, there’s nothing more you can possibly ask for! 

6. Bangalore days

IMDb- 8.3

Release Date – 30th May 2014. 

Watch on Disney Hotstar. 

Bangalore days is a family drama and another heartwarming film that you and your siblings will relate to on a whole another level. The story revolves around the life of three cousins, Divya, Kuttan and Aju, who are inseparable and share an extraordinarily special bond with each other. Everything’s all fun and games until they face with various obstacles that life throws at them after moving to Bangalore City.

7. Take Off 

IMDb- 8.2  Release date- 24th March 2017 

Watch on Disney Hotstar

Watch the YT Hindi dubbed version HERE

Yet another fantastic film, that will make you feel proud of being an Indian. Constructed on the story of a girl, Sameera, an Indian nurse working in Iraq, who is caught up in a misadventure when her fellow workers are held hostage by terrorists.This is when the knight and shining armor Manoj, and Indian ambassador arrives on the scene who is determined to save their lives and get them out of the country. In essence, the movie is a culmination of powerful acting and an eye opening narrative. 

Since you have read the entire piece, as a reward we have a bonus movie on the list:


IMDb- 8.1

Release Date – 26th April 2019 

Watch on Netflix. 

Uyare is a soul stirring Drama, the film is based on the story of a girl Pallavi, who dreams of becoming a pilot. Unfortunately her dreams are shattered, and life comes to a halt when she becomes a sufferer to an acid attack by her own ex boyfriend. It’s an inspiring tale of an empowering woman who is stopped by nothing, she goes for what she desires, and gets it anyway. Uyare, is indeed a must watch movie! 

Let us know if we have missed out on a "must watch" Malayalam movie in the comments below. Do share this article with your tribe!

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Ananya Singh

Media and PR Manager @ Skyshot Media


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