7 Must Watch Malayalam Movies

We're all familiar with some good Bollywood films, and while we can't deny those are great, there are some amazing Malayalam films that every movie buff should watch- even if you dont know the language.

Today, we bring to you some must watch Malayalam movies to watch!

1. Sudani from Nigeria 

IMDB- 8.2

Release Date-23rd March 2018.  Watch on Netflix.

Sudani from Nigeria is a beautiful narrative that revolves around Majeed, and Samuel. Majeed, a football manager, who engaged three Nigerian players in his team. Samuel, one of the players, when caught with an injury is brought at Majeed’s house to be looked after. The circumstances lead for them to connect with each other’s life and experiences, regardless of their cultural differences.

2. Ustad Hotel

IMDB- 8.3

Release Date- 29th June 2012 

Watch on Youtube

Watch the YT Hindi dubbed version HERE

Ustad Hotel is a dramatic tale of a small town boy who aspired to become a Chef someday. Even though very strongl