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  • Ananya Singh

7 Must Watch French Films

You've watch every Hollywood and Bollywood movie under the Sun, but guess what? You're still missing out on a world of foreign language films! Here are 7 must watch French films you shouldn't miss.

The Artist 

IMDb- 7.9 

Release Date – 24th February 2012 

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The Artist

A soul-stirring romantic drama, based around the life of film artists. The story of Pepe Miller a rising artist and George Valentin a huge silent film star. Pepe and George make a lovely couple, both as nice as a pie and love each other to death. Although, life isn’t a fairytale and things change when the talkies get under the way and wreaks havoc on George’s career. 

The African Doctor 

IMDb- 7.0 

Release date- 8th June 2016 

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The African Doctor

An excellent film that revolves around the story of a Congolese Frenchman,  Seyolo Zantoko who is a health care professional. Seyolo takes the initiative of practicing his medical degree in the rural areas of the country to help the unprivileged society. Even though after facing rough racial discrimination by the inhospitable and ignorant local men, he manages to emerge as their knight and shining armour.

The Intouchables

IMDb-  8.5

Release Date –  13th July 2012 

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The Intouchables

The Intouchables is more than a film, it’s a life-changing experience for many. It’s a sanguine dramatic comedy that is definitely going to move you. The narrative is based on an unconventional friendship of two men belonging to distinct races, Driss, an unenthusiastic caretaker for a disabled French nobleman Philipe. The film depicts the most heart-warming reel life relationship you have ever witnessed. 

Irreversible  IMDb- 7.4 

Release Date- 22nd May 2002 

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Yet another mind-blowing piece of art, Irreversible is a terrific crime drama that has stunned its audience each time they’ve watched it. The movie is constructed on the story of Monica who unfortunately became a rape sufferer, that’s when her two very closely related lovers come together to fight for her justice. 


IMDb- 7.4

Release date – 31st August 2016 

Watch it on  Netflix 


Divines is the kind of movie that’ll remain close to you forever. It’s a brilliant, raw French crime drama that is based on the story of a teenage girl yearning for power and success to such a degree that she gets herself involved in drug trafficking. Her life takes a turn when she comes across a dancer. 

A Prophet

IMDb-  7.9

Release Date- 26th August 2009 

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English version -

The Prophet

A Prophet is one of the most distinguished crime dramas of French Cinema. Build on the story of Malik who is announced 6 years of Jail, comes under the influence of a prison gang. He is completely devoted to his mentor until he becomes as powerful as him, that’s when things start getting ugly.  Joyeux Noël 

IMDb- 7.7 

Release Date – 9th November 2005

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Joyeux Noël 

A phenomenal war drama, the film has proven its excellence in direction and screenplay. A movie that speaks nothing but the truth to its viewers. Joyeux Noël is based on the historical event of the 1914 Christmas truce World War 1. A fantastic narrative depicting the real scenarios of Europe during the commencement of the war. We have to agree with its intricate themes and beautiful acting this is way beyond just any other war film. 

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Posted By: Ananya Singh, Social Media Manager @ Skyshot Media


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