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  • Anubhav Gaur

7 interesting things you did not know about Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is the Shah Rukh Khan of Hollywood or vice versa. The 59 years old star has has had an illustrious career spanning four decades and an equally entertaining personal life. Cruise has become more than a mere household name—he's become an international icon. Famous for performing epic stunts on his own in his action packed movies, he has been a heartthrob of millions of women and is equally admired by men for his good looks.

On the occasion of his 59th birthday, we bring you some really interesting facts you did not know about Tom Cruise:

1. An injury in high school pushed him to acting.

Cruise incurred a knee injury while wrestling in high school left him unable to pursue wrestling, and this sent him looking for other ways to spend his time. This led him to audition for the school's production of "Guys and Dolls".

2. Cruise couldn't read till the time he became an adult.

Until Cruise the late '80s, Cruise claims that he could barely read due to a debilitating case of dyslexia. He once told People. "When I'd go to a new school, I wouldn't want the other kids to know about my learning disability, but then I'd be sent off to remedial reading."

3. Cruise has never won an Oscar.

It is hard to believe that Cruise has never actually gone home with an Oscar. Maybe it's because it feels like he's been around forever. In fact, he's only been nominated three times, for Magnolia, Jerry Maguire, and Born on the Fourth of July.

4. Cruise is a licensed Pilot.

In 1994, he received his pilot's license and often flies himself during his travels. He owns a Gulfstream G450 that cost him $38 million.

5. He divorced all of his wives when they were 33 years-old.

Cruise has three ex-wives: Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, and Katie Holmes. In a crazy coincidence, they were all 33 years old at the time of the split.

Tom Cruise Wives
Tom Cruise Wives

6. Cruise stayed in the $100m club for 5 consecutive years.

Beginning with A Few Good Men in 1992, and ending with "Jerry Maguire" in 1996, Cruise became the first actor ever to appear in five consecutive movies that each grossed over $100 million in the US.

Tom Cruise 100 million films
Tom Cruise box office

7. No one loves Tom Cruise like Japan loves

In 2006, the Japan Memorial Day Association announced that they would begin celebrating every October 10th as "Tom Cruise Day" in Japan, since he had made more trips (nearly two dozen) to the country than any other Hollywood star at that time.

Tom Cruise Japan

Bonus Fact:

MTV Created an award for him

In 2005, Cruise accepted the first-ever Generation Award—given to "an artist who has shown us a variety of impressive roles, a personal and professional flair, and of course, an awesome level of talent.

Tom Cruise receiving generation award

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I'm an all-or-nothing kind of person, and when I become interested in something, I give it my all. -Tom Cruise

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