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  • Anushka Chandra

7 Indian Youtubers Of 2020

YouTube is the worlds second largest search website (after google). It is a home abode or a supermarket complex with millions of curated videos. You simply search and boom, you have almost a thousand different search results explaining any concept, or for your entertainment, complete at your disposal. Millions of creators find new and innovative ways to stay relevant and some have their amazing breakouts. Since this year is ending in the next two weeks, we have rounded about our picks for the top 7 Indian YouTubers who had their breakouts to fame this pandemic-struck year. Do subscribe to their channels!

7. Komal Pandey

An absolute icon, Komal Pandey uses her creative energy to make little comical videos about stuff that becomes absolutely relatable to women. With her subscriber list at 968k, her 3-minute-long video of empowering feeling sexy despite your clothing types garnered 4.5M views.

Komal Pandey

6. Desi Gamers With a whooping fan-following of 7.21M subscribers, Desi Gamers is owned by Amit Sharma, an avid gamer who focuses his channel on streaming his epic moves and steady winning streak. His highest viewed video remains a duel between a fellow friend and himself.

Amit Desi Gamers

5. Dhruv Rathee Dhruv Rathee, 26, owns his YouTube channel by the same name where he focuses on Political commentaries, never failing to completely research and get with the latest knowledge before explaining a concept simplistically to his viewers. He has 4.54M subscribers, his video explaining the criminal history behind Yogi Adityanath’s past before he became Chief Minister happens to be his most viewed video.

Dhruv Rathee

4. Aish Talented and effortlessly beautiful, Aish is a cover artist singer on the rise with her melodious voice as she covers famous Bollywood songs, alongside covering a few of the major K-pop songs like BTS’s Life Goes On. With a fan following of 4.2M subscribers, Aish came 10th on the YouTube India list for the Top Breakout YouTubers of 2020, as she rightfully deserves.

Aish Singer Youtuber

3. Abhi & Niyu Shotting to fame because of their video “100 Reasons to Love India”, this married couple duo is an avid fan of travelling alongside their normal accounting and engineering jobs. They tell stories about India through their love for storytelling and facts that most people don’t know. Their fan following currently lies at 846k subscribers.

Abhi Niyu

2. Yashraj Mukhate

With a fan-following of 2.85M subscribers, Yashraj is a composer and a music producer with a degree in engineering. He produces musical beat comedies to the dialogues of daily soap shows, a hilarious parodical outtake on our daily saas-bahu melodramatic shows. HIs best video is about Kokila Ben and it honestly is the most hilarious thing you might've seen in a while.

Yashraj Mukhtare

1. Carry Minati

Ajey Nagar, 21, famously called Carry Minati is the Indian YouTuber who topped the YouTube India list for both Top 2020 Content as well as Top Breakouts of 2020. With a fan-following on the site of 27.5M subscribers, Ajey juggles his channel with comical reaction videos and recently released a song titled ‘Yalgaar’ which hit 191M views. He joined YouTube in 2014 and only growing in popularity.

Carry Minati

We hope you enjoyed this article! Let us know your favourite youtuber in the comments below, and share this piece with your friends!

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Anushka Chandra, Content Writer, Skyshot Media


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