7 Movie Adaptations That Did Zero Justice To The Bestselling Books

Updated: Jul 19

The concept of adopting a whole book into a movie is controversial at best because fans are most likely to always say that the book was better. But sometimes, the books really do turn out to be a million times better than the movies, owning to a major factor that these books were probably not “movie-turning-material”. Imagination can never know or be subjected to know any bounds, but after the release of the movies we list below, we think you’ll agree that sometimes, some books should be better left off as books.

1. Golden Compass (2007)

The first instances of magical beings and polar bears with armored suits were brought to life in The Golden Compass released in 2007 which was based on the first book in the series titled “His Dark Materials” by Philip Pullman called “Northern Lights”. A fantasy series set in an alternative universe, the 2007 movie edition starred an all-rounded cast like Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, Eva Green, Sam Elliott, and others; yet the only epic this movie faced was an epic failure. The screenplay fell through and the actual elements of the fantasy never made it to the screen, leaving the book readers thoroughly disappointed.

Golden Compass

The book jumps straight into an action scene, a trademark of Pullman, where he offers no explanation about anything or anyone in the scene. The movie ruins this element of surprise by opening to a scene of dragged-out introductions. Nowhere did the movie offer the typical hints for viewers to pick up, the cleverly placed loopholes fall flat on the screen; it becomes a drab version of a textbook on the book, utterly boring and unclassical from start to end.

Pullman’s book was a beautiful example of the “things are alright until they get so much worse” trope, and the movie steals every little nook that was set in the book to make it like that. The movie flat out removes the thrill of the journey, going from ok to ok and then bad. There’s no build-up, even if we pass by the scenes at too fast a speed.

2. Harry Potter series

Here’s the thing, if you’ve only seen the movies, you probably won't get why this one made it here. But if you have read the books, you know exactly what I’m going to break down here. Imagination is always a bigger and better tool than adaptations. When you create an entire universe of fantasy elements, imaginati