Updated: Aug 10

When we hear the word ‘Love Story’, we immediately tend to think of all things romantic like- colourful scented candles, red roses, cheesy love confessions in the park or may be an expensive dinner at a fancy place. Love can be written to be explained in a million different ways, but the way we feel it is more or less the same way for a lot of us, mostly through the colour red. Songs have been written on the feeling of love and melodies will keep being made on it too. People have fought wars in the name of love, moved mountains for one sight of their loved ones. So, for all the Book-A-Holics here, here is a list of 7 popular love stories penned down by Indian authors that are widely loved and appreciated, so pick them all up and tell us what you think!

1. 2 States – Chetan Bhagat (2009)

The story about Chetan’s real life love story, 2 States is also a blockbuster motion picture today about the author meeting the love of his life in University. The plot weaves through the very crux of marriages in India and how it is the union of not two people, but two families. The book describes how two families with completely diverse culturural backgrounds deal with the marriage of their kids.

About the author:

Chetan Bhagat held a promising career in investment banking but his love for writing made him quit and start a writing career. His debut novel was Five Point Someone in 2004, following which today he has written nine novels and three non-fiction books. Five of his books have been made into feature films. In 2014, he won the Best Screenplay award for the movie Kai Po Che which is based on his book The Three Mistakes Of My Life.

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