5 Amazing Indian Travel Photographers You Need to Know

Updated: Aug 19

The thing that sets photography apart from other art forms is its unique ability to capture a fleeting moment. And travel photography, good travel photography, is an experience; it makes you engage with the energy of that space and the people in it. What it is not, is a recording. A record, an archive, is static information, and these pictures, though they may technically hold a lot of information about their various subjects, transcend a little further into the world of art. What does that mean, though? Well, let’s find out.

(A quick note before we dive in, and this is might also be valuable for those of you who want to get into photography- professional or as a hobby. We have included the links to the gear these artists use, which should give you a solid frame of reference. That being said, the camera does not make the photographer any more than the robes make the monk, so don’t be too disheartened at the prices!)

Here's out carefully curated list of 5 awesome Indian travel photographers you need to know.

1. Rahul Singi

Instagram - @photowale.bapu

Rahul Singi
Rahul Singi

Rahul is a Bangalore based photographer who got into photography while on a trip with his friends in office. He started shooting with just his