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  • Anubhav Gaur

5 Amazing Indian Wildlife Photographers You Need to Follow on Instagram

Wildlife photography is one of the most action-packed genres in the world. Behind every wildlife image, there are months of travel, days of preparation, and hours of patience to seize the wonders of the wild within a split second. As fascinating as this may sound, there are a lot of technicalities and hard work behind it. To become a successful wildlife photographer, having good photography skills is just not sufficient. One equally needs to be a nature enthusiast to connect with it and capture its beauty.

One of the most unique factors about the wild is its uncertainty. It's unlike any other form of photography where you have control over what you capture, in the wild- you don't choose the moment, the wild does the job for you.

In this article, we will be exploring all that goes behind wildlife photography through the experiences of five amazing wildlife photographers.

1. Rathika Ramasamy

Instagram: rathikaramasamy

Rathika Ramasamy
Rathika Ramasamy

Rathika Ramasamy is one of India’s most celebrated wildlife photographers. After working as a computer engineer for several years, Rathika eventually became a full time photographer and her love for wildlife has taken her to forests across the world.

Starting her wildlife photography journey in 2003, over the past couple of decades she has worked in areas of wildlife awareness & conservation and has received many accolades for her work.

Rathika is among the founding members of the Photography Arts Association of India. In 2014, she self-published her first book, The Best of Wildlife Moments.

On Instagram, you would find her pictures so natural, she seems like a permanent inhabitant of the jungle who is clicking pictures of her friends- who happen to be birds and animals.

It is worth mentioning that Rathika has an unending love for birds. She tells Skyshot that being a bird photographer comes with its own challenges. Shooting birds involves a lot of walking, on an average of 10 kms a day- that with a heavy and delicate camera equipment. Plus, it is important to be extra cautious while shooting birds as you could find a lot of poisonous snakes and insects on your way. Rathika laughingly tells us that there have been multiple times when she has narrowly escaped stepping on dangerous snakes.