Most Happening Spaces Have The Best Walls- Lets Talk Art Murals

Updated: Aug 10

Places feel different. You know this, I know this. Modern society has gotten us so used to living with constant sensory input – sounds, images, lights, people, smells – that the nuances of these spaces are something we pick up on instinctively. Sometimes we don’t even realize it. And thus were born ‘vibes’. And though the perception of vibes can be subliminal, their creation isn’t. Vibes can be curated, and that’s what we’re going to be talking about today. Specifically, how a little wall art can transform your space.

Murals create Distinction

The Waterloo Arts District, Cleveland, Ohio, repainted by Camille Walala
Popwalala by Camille Walala

Murals are a powerful tool for artistic expression for many reasons. But the fact that murals become a part of the space they are painted in makes them a powerful tool in interior (and exterior) design as well. Consider these examples.

Now, imagine walking by the buildings those murals are painted on. What purpose are they serving here? The designs themselves are quite simple, but they still make the building stand out, and the entrance easy to find. Imagine them in the context of the buildings around them; they would contrast sharply with the grey and beige of the usual urban landscape. Moreover, they allow the viewer to figure out with a single glance what the business that operates out of that building is all about. This is what we mean by ‘vibes’.

Murals help you build your Brand

Wall mural depicting the menu of a Mexican restaurant