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  • Anushka Chandra

5 Awesome Indian Female DJs we Need Need To Know

DJing seems like an easy job, to shift vinyl and grab the beats to awe an entire audience and give them the confidence to let go and pop off on the dance floor. With waving hands and fan chants, with people singing along and twirling their partners and letting down their hair, a DJs job is anything but simple. But there are always some who rise to the occasion and make it work, doing a fabulous job at it too. With that in mind, we pick out our list of the 7 best Female DJs in India that have effortlessly proven to be an expert in making people sway, all while holding their head high in a male-dominated industry and never letting anything pull them behind.

1. DJ Priyanjana

Instagram: @priyanjanag Mumbai based Priyanjana is a sensation in the world of EDM and Dubstep and has lit up the stage at the Sunburn music festival many times, alongside performing at Supersonic and Krank. She was also part of the opening sets for Skazi, Guy J, and others, with the most prestigious moment being the award she received for being the top three DJs at the MyFav Awards in 2014. She has also hosted sets at the Amsterdam Dance Festival in 2013 for three shows.

Her music can be heard on MySpace, Mixcloud, and Soundcloud, and don't forget to check out her spotify playlist and her instagram!

2. DJ Pearl 

Instagram: @dj_pearl_official With her parents being great fans of collecting vinyl records and growing up in Goa, it comes as no surprise that Pearl found her roots in the EDM clubs of music mixing. She was an avid globe trotter, and looked for perfect sounds and clubs, before which she took matters into her own hands and joined the music scene with her own gig. This motivation led her to establish India’s EDM part as a co-founder of Submerge. She also hosts the stage to bring up India’s best upcoming talent in the DJing industry.

Take a look and groove to her Soundcloud here and take a look at her Instagram and website!

3. DJ Gouri

Instagram: @djgouri Gouri is a resident DJ based in MoonshiHine Café in Delhi. She has dribbled also as the owner of Absolute Nutrition and holds experience as a flight attendant too. She holds Nucleya as her biggest inspiration and dribbles in House, Mainstream International, and Bollywood music while performing at great premier clubs across the country. She is highly sought after in Delhi and the NCR regions and has worked at sporting events and weddings too. Spontaneous and bright, Gouri is capable of making heads turn and feet groove to the tunes of her mixes easily.

Make sure to groove to her Soundcloud and youtube, and take a look at her Instagram!

4. DJ Himani Singh

Instagram: @thehimanisingh

Himani started her career as an MC almost 9 years ago, getting her big Bollywood breakthrough only last year when she released the official remix of Dil Ka Telephone from the movie Dream Girl. The original creators Meet Bros liked it so much that they decided to pull it into their official album, giving Himani the spotlight as a DJ. She mastered her skills from DJ Cyrus and is based in Mumbai. She hosts plenty of shows and has held performances at events hosted by Maruti.

5. DJ Barkha Kaul

Instagram: @djbarkha Barkha didn’t always stand behind a podium to make heads turn, she strutted confidently down a ramp for almost 11 years as one of India’s best supermodels. She took to the ramp at Lakme India Fashion Week, Hills India Fashion Week, and plenty others, capturing attention both nationally and internationally. In 2008, she chose to pick up the art of mixing music professionally and became a DJ. A firm believer in grooming talent, she owns and runs a Grooming School where she teaches young talent to sculpt themselves into professional models and artists to market themselves in the most effective way possible. Barkha has also been a famous MC on popular Indian platforms, aside from holding numerous and the highest number of awards by any female DJ in India.

Check out her Instagram and her website!

We hope you found this article interesting! Share your music and RJ recommendations in the comments below, and share this piece with your friends!

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Anushka Chandra, Content Writer at Skyshot Media


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