Why Our History Has No Female Artists? Lets Try To Understand

Updated: Oct 16

'The Guerrilla Girls Talk Back' by the Guerrilla Girls, 1989

If you’re feeling particularly anti-feminist, you might say that women are just not as creative as the menfolk were. Women were not as artistically inclined, were not as skilled, ‘were meant to stay in the kitchen’.

Or you might go in the other direction entirely and say, ‘you’re just making a mountain out of a molehill, there are plenty of women artists throughout history.’

The stats can disprove only the second statement, sadly. But that's what the rest of the article is for.

A graph depicting the number of male vs. female artists represented in the Museum of Modern Art's Permanent Exhibit
MOMA NY - Permanent Exhibit Male vs. Female Artists Comparison

The artistic merits of male vs. female artists is a very subjective topic, because the interpretation of art in and of itself is highly subjective. We are not having a feminist debate today. This is a purely factual investigation. That being said; let’s take a walk.