Pole Dancing- India's New Dance Obsession

What are the first thoughts that come to your mind when you hear the words- “Pole Dancing”? Strip Club?

It is no denying that Pole Dancing has long been popular for being an erotic dance form practiced by female dancers in strip clubs. Well, that’s what we have seen in the movies!

But the narrative around pole dancing is fast changing. The dance form is steadily becoming a mainstream form of fitness- practiced in gyms and dance studios.

Interestingly, the inspiration of the modern pole dance that we know today could arguably may have come from Mallakhamb- an 800 year old Indian pole sport practiced on a thick wooden pole exclusively by men throughout history.

Meet Nupur Chaudhuri- a 34 year old restauranteur, ex-journalist and a pole dance trainer based in Pune. Nupur has been practicing pole dance for the past 2.5 years and her marriage with the art form has been nothing less than magical.

In 2020, she bagged a silver medal in Level 3 of the 2020 PSO Libra Virtual Pole Championships. She was the only national participant in the global contest and the first Indian to win a pole performance medal. Here is the video of her award-winning performance.

But the initial struggle to learn was real. Since there was no pole studio in Pune, Nupur had to make a 3.5 hour commute to Mumbai every weekend to learn from a pole dance trainer.

Benefits of Pole Dancing</