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  • Ananya Singh

7 Must Watch Kannada Movies

Last time, we brought you some must watch French movies, and before that, stunning Malayalam productions. Today, we bring you yet another selection - this time, of Kannada movies. So get ready with a bucket of popcorn and a comfortable blanket, because it's movie time!

1. Thithi

IMDb- 8.2 Release date- 3rd June 2016 

Watch on Netflix

Thithi is a film par excellence, a dramatic comedy based on the story of three sons of different generations from a family belonging to a small Indian village respond to the death of 101- year old forefather. It is an  interesting narrative with a spot on direction, something you cannot miss. 

2. K.G.F Chapter 1   

IMDb- 8.2 Release date- 21st December 2018 Watch on Voot. 

A must watch film that revolves around the story of Rocky, a young lionhearted man, who chose  a path of money,  power and success and is determined to fight anything that comes his way. This promise made to his mother eventually puts him in a spot that got his hands dirty.  A super hit Kannada film that will prove to be worth every second of your time! 

3. Ulidavaru Kandanthe

IMDb-8.4 Release Date- 28th March 2014  Watch on Youtube

Another piece of art, and one of the best crime thriller dramas. The film is based on the story of Richi, a journalist who is dedicated to reveal the mystery behind a  murder. He begins the scrutiny of five different stories and their perspectives. Finally, taking every thing into account the title of the story, “Ulidavaru Kandanthe” which translates into ‘as seen by others’ is justified. 

4.Godhi Banna Sadharna Mykattu

IMDb- 8.7

Release date- 3rd June 2016

Watch on Disney Hotstar

Nothing short of a Classic, this movie is hands down one of the greatest creations. 

The narrative is constructed on Venkob Rao, an aged widower, an Alzheimer’s patient is sent to a  nursing home for the elderly, by his own son. The story takes a different turn when he does missing all of a sudden and crosses paths with some gangsters. A culmination of perfect direction, bang on acting and soulful music together result in a soul stirring experience.  5. Mungaru Male 


Release date- 29th December 2006 

Watch on Disney Hotstar

Mungaru Male is a romantic musical, based on the story of Preetham, who falls in love with a girl Nandini, but his world turns upside down when he realizes that her marriage is fixed with some other guy. It’s a beautiful tale depicting the power of true love and how it changes their lives.  6. Ondu Motteya Kathe

IMDb- 8.0

Release date- 7th July 2017 

Watch on Google Movies

A simple yet mind blowing romantic drama, Ondu Motteya Kathe is based on the  story of Janardhan, a quiet and self-contained man, who decides to explore his options vigorously after meeting with an astrologer who predicts a not so rosy future for him. A very well written and a wholesome film that’ll not disappoint you. 

7. Rangitaranga

IMDb- 8.3 

Release date-3rd July 2015 

Watch on YouTube

Hindi Version 

Yet another terrific film which will keep you sit tight all throughout, Rangi Taranga is a fantastic narrative that revolves around Gautam, a novelist and his wife Indhu. The story keeps you in dread and apprehension when unnatural incidents begin to crop up, which eventually end up connecting to Gautam’s past life. We highly recommend it! 

Let us know if we have missed out on a "must watch" Kannada movie in the comments below. Do share this article with your tribe!

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Writer: Ananya Singh, Social Media Manager @ Skyshot Media


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