7 Must Watch Kannada Movies

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Last time, we brought you some must watch French movies, and before that, stunning Malayalam productions. Today, we bring you yet another selection - this time, of Kannada movies. So get ready with a bucket of popcorn and a comfortable blanket, because it's movie time!

1. Thithi

IMDb- 8.2 Release date- 3rd June 2016 

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Thithi is a film par excellence, a dramatic comedy based on the story of three sons of different generations from a family belonging to a small Indian village respond to the death of 101- year old forefather. It is an  interesting narrative with a spot on direction, something you cannot miss. 

2. K.G.F Chapter 1   

IMDb- 8.2 Release date- 21st December 2018 Watch on Voot.