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5 Awesome online Art workshops to attend this weekend

Quarantine has given ample time - but how we use it is up to us. On one hand, you could spend your free time napping, binge-watching a new show, and sulking - but what's the fun in that? Instead, learn something new, and attend an online workshop this weekend! And you're in luck, that's exactly what we bring to you today!

1. Filmmaking as a Tool for Environmentalism Date: 6th September Time: 4PM

Cost: Free

Host: ALT EFF (https://www.facebook.com/alllivingthingsfestival/)

Registration Link: https://insider.in/filmmaking-as-a-tool-for-environmentalists--sep6-2020/event


If a  global pandemic has taught us anythings, it’s that the earth is not able to cope up with the modern way of life that we all lead - the animals, forests, oceans, and atmosphere are, in fact, slowly deteriorating. In these times, environmentalism is becoming a vital movement. 

Film and visual media has always been a great tool to inspire and mobilise people on various issues, and films like Wall-E, Chasing Ice, and so on have done the same to inform people of the ecological crisis our world is in today. But how effective are these films, really? Do they have the shock value needed to mobilise people?  Tune into this event for a valuable and eye-opening discussion on the same. The panel discussion takes place on Sunday at 4PM, and is for free! You can find more information on it here:

2. Learn a New Art Form- Gond Art

Date: 5th September Time: 11AM

Cost: Free

Host: Savita Gopalakrishnan

Registration Link: https://insider.in/gond-art-workshop-aug1-2020/event

About: It’s always interesting to learn new things about your country and culture, and this weekend, you can learn more about India’s beautiful art forms!

Gond art is the indigenous art form of the Gond tribal community in Madhya Pradesh, often taking inspiration from nature, myths and legends, and their daily lives. It often involves intricate lines, dots, and dashes, which give it a unique look not seen anywhere else.  It’s a beautiful art form, and one you can learn more about on Saturday morning at 11AM, completely free of cost! You can find more information on it here: 3. Learn to Dance from the Comfort of Your Home!

Date: 5th and 6th September Time: Multiple options

Cost: Rs.200

Host: Attakkalari Centre (http://www.attakkalari.org/)

Registration Link: https://in.bookmyshow.com/events/contemporary-dance-online-attakkalari-connect/ET00134611

About: Ever wanted to learn how to dance but been to scared of embarrassing yourself in public by attending a class? We’ve all been there - and that’s why I’m here to tell you that you can still learn to dance without fear! Lockdown has resulted in a proliferation of online dance workshops, which are perfect for those with the passion, but also the stage fright. 

Start this weekend itself with a contemporary dance class!

4. Dress Your Best- Personal Styling workshop

Date: 5th September Time: 5PM

Cost: Rs. 380

Host: Diya Pragwat (https://www.instagram.com/diyapragwat/)

Registration Link: https://insider.in/personal-styling-sep5-2020/event

About: You’re probably not going out for an event anytime soon, so why not use this time to prepare to make the best impression possible when the world opens up once more? 

Learn how to style yourself, create a wardrobe that works best for you, and turn heads wherever you go - all for just Rs. 380!

Express Yourself Through Art Journaling

Date: 5th September Time: 6PM

Cost: Rs. 500

Host: Mansi Jora (https://www.instagram.com/tiara.less/?hl=en)

Registration Link: https://insider.in/art-journaling-online-workshop-sep5-2020/event


Art and writing are both great ways to express your emotions, no matter how complex, and during quarantine especially, it’s vital to release your emotions and stay in touch with your feelings. So why not learn to art journal, ad discover different collages, spreads, and ways to creatively express yourself? All you need are a few supplies you almost definitely have lying around your house!

Hope you found this piece valuable. If you did, please feel free to share it with your tribe.

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Tishya Doraiswamy, Content Writer @ Skyshot Media


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