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5 Awesome online art workshops to attend this weekend

With the quarantine blues probably getting to you at this point, and little to do to occupy your free time, it’s probably time you found a new hobby. Or two. Or maybe even three!

Most importantly, it’s time you explored the vast variety of skills you can take up - writing, embroidery, painting - the list goes on. 

So, we have a gift for you: a weekly, curated list of online workshops you can attend on the weekends to spice up your quarantine!

Check out this week’s list below. 

1. Love Doodles? Its time to attend a Doodle Painting Workshop

There’s Banjara Gypsy brings amazing artist - Chandrima Mandal She holds an expertise in training kids and adults.  It's alright if you are totally a beginner or an expert. we have designed upcoming modules depends on your comfort. Learn the doodle painting. The workshop takes place on Saturday evening at 7PM and costs Rs.299, and you can check out the information on it here: https://insider.in/art-workshop-sketching-portraits-abstract-painting-may23-2020-digital-online-events/event

2. Learn to Pen Your Thoughts

Just like taking pictures, writing is a great way to record your life. However, writing goes beyond that, and allows you to create stories and characters and whole new worlds! So, join the workshop on Stories of Change to learn about writing in ‘the new normal’, with published writer Asha Francis.  The workshop takes place on Saturday morning at 11AM and costs Rs.399, and you can check out the information on it here.  https://insider.in/beginners-writing-workshop-jul25-2020/event

3. Want a Difference in Surroundings? Redesign Your Space

After being bored of my room looking the same for four years, the sixth month of quarantine finally forced me to rearrange it - and it has already brightened up my mood! Working, living, and resting in the same place day after day, when you can barely leave your home can be monotonous - so why not switch it up? With Sunakshi Jagwani, liven up your home and make your space look chic by learning the ten things you can do to level up your home.  The workshop takes place on Saturday from 11AM to 12 noon and is absolutely free, and you can check out the information on it here. 


4. Learn About the Art of Storytelling

Let’s be honest - there’s always that one friend who simply cannot make a story interesting. There’s also that one friend who can make the most mundane things captivate you – and this is the friend we all want to be. You can now start that journey by signing up to watch a panel discussion on storytelling featuring Kubra Sait, Zakir Khan, Anvita Dutt, and Gurmeet Singh.  And guess what – it's free of cost! Check out the link here for more information on the workshop, which takes place this Saturday.


5. Make Music With No Instruments!

So what if you don’t have a guitar or keyboard? So what if you can’t sing without deafening everyone around you?  Turns out, you can still make music - by beatboxing. Push your limits this quarantine and delve into a completely new form of music. 

Information for the workshop, which takes place on August 29th and is free, can be found here. 


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Tishya Doraiswamy, Content Writer @ Skyshot Media


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