5 Awesome Online Art Workshops This Weekend

Hello there! What are your plans this weekend? Fine dining at some place nice? Or going out for a beer and some pizza with your buddies? Oh wait..  What am I thinking! Of course you’re doing none of that,  instead be thinking “yeh vaccine kab aayega yaar” just as the rest of your week. So here’s an idea, scroll down and attend these extremely fun and creatively enriching weekend workshops, kyunki ghar betho, vaccine aane mein abhi time hai. 

Moreover life’s too short people, you can’t spend it hiding behind that computer screen all day. Go ahead, explore yourself and embrace your hidden talents! 

So here we are, back with the 5 super exciting workshops that will make your weekends as happening as they can get! Now you can imbibe a skill just in an hour or two! Have a chance of experiencing real time lessons from these awesome artists and escape all the boredom and gloominess this weekend!  

1. Travel Illustration Postcard Workshop

Date: 3rd October, Saturday

Time: 5PM

Cost: Rs.500

Registration Link: https://insider.in/travel-illustration-postcard-workshop-oct3-2020/event

Host: Aditi (Craftsutra)


The Travel Illustration workshop opens your mind to creating unique, personalised artwork while you travel or even about travel while you can’t travel, like times such as these. Travelling opens your mind to new experiences and can rejuvenate the spirit.

Aditi is an illustrator and calligrapher and has been a teacher of art for almost 24 years. She has taught art to kids and grown ups alike. Aditi says she attempts to make art more accessible to everyone by constantly pulling down its veil of elitist snobbery.

2. Know your Antagonist

Date: 4th October, Sunday

Time: 11AM

Cost: Rs.565

Registration Link: https://insider.in/know-your-antagonist-an-online-workshop-oct4-2020/event

Host: Vikram Sridhar & Artkhoj


Artkhoj in collaboration with Vikram Sridhar brings you an engaging workshop to learn and understand the journey of an Antagonist to create interesting stories.

While it’s the Protagonist who gets all the credit and the character arc what happens to the Antagonist? Every successful movie, book, or story works if we can create a strong antagonist.

The workshop explores the journey of an Antagonist to make the story, screenplay or even the protagonist and the characters in a story relevant.

3. Strainer Fluid Art Workshop

Date: 4th October, Sunday

Time: 3pm

Cost: Rs.1299

Registration Link: https://insider.in/strainer-fluid-art-workshop-ipa-diy-kit-oct4-2020/event

Host: Isha Patwa


Join Isha Patwa Art’s FLUID PAINTING WORKSHOP!! The most satisfying and de-stressful art form ever! Once you get your hands on these you will fall in love with it instantly!

Make fluid art on a canvas with the help of a sink strainer !

Also known as paint pouring, acrylic pour etc. Is a form of abstract art that uses acrylic paints with a runny (fluid) consistency. The acrylic paints react with each other when combined together to make interesting and visually organic motifs. All you have to do is pour the color with a specific technique with some brilliant matches of colors, and there you are ready to showcase a beautiful art piece home!

The best part about this workshop is, that it is absolute fun and which does not require any painting or drawing experience at all. Just a love for colors and an eagerness to learn and have fun is enough for this. Great for both beginners as well as artists, to learn the most important techniques in fluid pouring art. Therefore, join us for this paint-party where you can meet new people online, socialize, along with some fun and learning! We believe that ‘ART is THERAPY’ and will help one de-stress and feel the love for art with us.

4. Cartooning 101

Date: 4th October, Sunday

Time: 4pm

Cost: Rs.500

Registration Link: https://insider.in/cartooning-101-oct4-2020/event

Host: Amit AKA @sketchysultaan


A fun-filled online cartooning workshop where you will learn how to express yourself with cartoons. You will learn the process of creating cartoons, various expressions, face types and body postures.

Cartoons and illustrations are one of the most prominent forms of digital communication these days and in this session we will learn how to create and express/communicate using cartoons.

All you need is a few blank sheets, pencil, black pens, sketch pens and/or markers.

And get ready to go on a Tooney ride with Sketchy Sultaan and TAG!

5. ACDC: Making every opinion comical

Date: 4th October, Sunday

Time: 4PM

Cost: Rs.499

Registration Link: https://in.bookmyshow.com/events/acdc-making-every-opinion-comical/ET00137469

Host: Anuvab Pal

Everyone has an opinion on everything, but the funniest one is what makes us all laugh and smile. The easiest way to pass a not so easy to digest opinion is to make it funny. This workshop teaches you how.

Hope you found this piece valuable. If you did, please feel free to share it with your tribe.

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Anubhav Gaur, Content Creator @ Skyshot Media

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