5 Awesome Online Art Workshops This Weekend

Hello there! What are your plans this weekend? Fine dining at some place nice? Or going out for a beer and some pizza with your buddies? Oh wait..  What am I thinking! Of course you’re doing none of that,  instead be thinking “yeh vaccine kab aayega yaar” just as the rest of your week. So here’s an idea, scroll down and attend these extremely fun and creatively enriching weekend workshops, kyunki ghar betho, vaccine aane mein abhi time hai. 

Moreover life’s too short people, you can’t spend it hiding behind that computer screen all day. Go ahead, explore yourself and embrace your hidden talents! 

So here we are, back with the 5 super exciting workshops that will make your weekends as happening as they can get! Now you can imbibe a skill just in an hour or two! Have a chance of experiencing real time lessons from these awesome instructors and escape all the boredom and gloominess this weekend!  

1. Candle Making Workshop 

Date: 26th September 

Time: 4 PM

Cost: FREE

Register here: https://insider.in/candle-making-workshop-by-rajasthan-studio-sep26-2020/event

Hosted by: Yatin Valecha, Rajasthan Studio. 


Alright guys, its time you get over your fancy ass expensive scented candles, because you have a chance to make better ones on your own! 

Yes that’s right! Enlighten your home with self made beautiful aromatic candles, and breathe the smell of self earned success! Mr.Yatin Valecha is specially here to personally instruct each and every one of you, all from already available pre-requisite materials. I know right? It’s that simple! So tap on the link and book your FREE slot right away! 

2. Prepare for All the Post-Lockdown Parties and Learn to Dance

Date: 27th September

Time: 4PM

Cost: Rs.399

Host: Dhanashree Verma (https://www.instagram.com/dhanashree9/)

Registration Link: https://insider.in/dance-workshop-with-dhanashree-verma-sep27-2020/event


Your dance moves pre-lockdown may not have been the best, so why not take advantage of the months you now have to perfect them? Attending a dance class may be intimidating, but the chance to do so from the comfort of your home make it far easier, and with amazing dancers like Dhananshree Verma teaching, it’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

3. Song Writing And Releasing Your Music 

Date: 26th September, 27th September 

Time: 26th - 2:30 PM , 27th - 5 PM. 

Cost: Rs. 999

Register here: https://insider.in/songwriting-and-releasing-your-music-by-hanita-bhambri-kommune-sep26-2020/event

Hosted by: Hanita Bhambri 


Music is a feeling that is universally cherished. Although a whole lot of effort and creativity goes into the journey of creating a song. It’s said only the true musicians can understand how it is telling a story through your tunes, but we say that anyone who’s ever enjoyed music has the heart to understand the journey of it. So long story short, you now finally have a chance to learn this amazing skill from the very best, Hanita Bhambri! Know anything and everything about the journey of a song, and do what you’ve always dreamt of doing, release your very own creation! 

4. 20 New Interior Design Trends 

Date: 25th, 26th September 

Time: 7 - 8pm 

Cost:  Rs. 299 

Register here: https://insider.in/20-new-interior-design-trends-sep25-2020/event

Hosted by: Sonia Oswal 


The festive season is approaching and let’s face it, you cannot be satisfied with your basic home interior. So gear up to redecorate your humble abode and learn from the master itself,  Sonia Oswal! The design world is dynamic and to keep up with it is hard, so register now and get know about the latest trends, learn which style to choose that’ll suit you and your place the best and so much more details. Let’s just say, after this masterclass, you’ll be surprised how much and how well you can do with your interiors! 

5. Online Belly Dance Choreography Workshop 

Date: 27th September 

Time: 5:30 pm 

Cost: Rs. 450 

Register here: https://in.bookmyshow.com/events/online-belly-dance-choreography-workshop/ET00138730

Hosted by: Deepthi Shetty, Tarantismo Creative Dance Company


The Tarantismo creative dance company is specially coming up with an exciting belly dance workshop for all you dancing souls out there! Conducted by the renowned belly dance artist Deepthi Shetty! I guess somewhere we’ve all been really fascinated about belly dance and always wondered if we’d ever be able to do it. Well, no need to be wondering anymore, you can actually try your hands on this! It’s time to embrace the graceful dancer in you, because if not while in quarantine then when?!

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Ananya Singh, Content Writer @ Skyshot Media


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