By this time, we have all become so used to the boring shades of the quarantine, that the idea of another being implemented in December-January doesn’t sound so surprising. But in the quest to stay indoors and minimize all contact with the virus unless absolutely necessary would mean spells of boredom striking again. Worry not! We have brought this weekend’s picks for the top 5 Online Art Workshops that you’d like to attend to make your week end at a wonderful note.

1. Xpress Publishing: Publish Like A Pro At No Cost Date: 28 November Time: 5PM

Cost: Rs 199

Register Here: https://insider.in/xpress-publishing-how-to-publish-your-book-like-a-pro-at-no-cost-nov28-2020/event


Notion Press, the largest publishing platform in India, is organizing an interactive online book publishing workshop for upcoming authors like you using our Xpress Publishing Platform. Learn how you can create and publish a professional book at Zero publishing cost.

Hosted By: Notion Press https://www.instagram.com/notion.press/

2. Street Photography

Date: 28 November

Time: 2PM

Cost: Rs 500

Register Here: https://insider.in/street-photography-nov28-2020/event


Street photography is one of the most common and most challenging, with the final image a testimony to the photographer’s aesthetics and eye for detail. This online Street Photography Workshop takes you through the concepts and fundamentals of street photography from a professional photographer. The aim of the workshop is to give participants a better idea of composing and conceptualizing their images on the streets, where the scene changes every moment, and get a better technical understanding of cameras. We will have 3 hours of learning for developing the ability to interpret situations for a great shot. Hosted By: Sumit Photo World Expedition (https://www.instagram.com/sumitphotoworld/)

3. One Frame Story Telling Workshop

Date: 28 November

Time: 5 PM

Cost: Rs 299

Register Here: https://insider.in/one-frame-story-telling-workshop-by-rajasthan-studio-nov28-2020/event


A single art piece has the power to narrate an entire story. Illustration or design is a visual communication medium which helps to narrate such stories. Tushar Madan, an illustrator will take us through his own style of telling stories through illustrations in a single frame style of designing. Join this unique workshop to learn more about one frame storytelling Hosted By: Rajasthan Studios https://www.instagram.com/rajasthan.studio/

4. Italian Doors: Watercolour Painting Workshop Date: 28 November Time: 8 PM

Cost: Rs 499

Register Here: https://insider.in/-italian-doors-watercolor-painting-workshop-nov28-2020/event


Paintology brings to you ONLINE painting workshops where you can explore your creative outlet even if you don't know how to paint. This will be an online session with limited number of seats and an artist shall be conducted the workshop and guiding you throughout the session.

Learn to paint this pretty picture with no prior art background! Have fun with colors and enjoy this therapeutic art time with Paintology!

Hosted By: Paintology https://www.instagram.com/paintology_byvinisha/

5. Ukele Workshop for beginners Date: 29 November Time: 5 PM Cost: Rs 400

Register Here: https://insider.in/guitar-workshop-for-beginners-by-adagio-nov29-2020/event


The Ukulele, an instrument that has gained a lot of attention over the past couple of years, is a very unique sounding instrument. It is comparable to a guitar although a uke has its own completely unique sound. It is the perfect instrument for beginners looking to start learning music quickly and easily. The workshop will be taken by Aditya Ashwath, a singer-songwriter/producer who has been in the teaching space for the past 4 years.

When troubled times ring, grab those strings!

Hosted By: Adagio https://www.instagram.com/adagio72/

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Anushka Chandra, Content Writer, Skyshot Media


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